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"in the most dynamic world of Automobile Industry, where the rate of obsolescence is mind-boggling, we have taken a challenge to create and environment that nourishes and develops our team members. At Jawed Metal Industries, we do not have managers : we have leaders.

We at Jawed Metal Industries
• Encourage Innovation
• Value Teamwork
• Empower Teammates
• Reward Performance

A career with JMIL is full of challenges, competition and tremendous responsibility, to be at the cutting edge, one would need a right mindset to succeed in this highly competitive world. A mindset that follows from:

- winning attitude
- Passion for excellence
- Appetite for challenges

If you have been mission this environment all through your professional life, explore the world of opportunities at JMIL. Send or mail your resumes at the following address:

M/s. Jawed Metal Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
1D-8, Street 9, Sector 16-B,
North Karachi-75850

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