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"The mission of Jawed Metal Industries (Pvt) Limited is to provide the society with safe, economical, comfortable and environment friendly means by manufacturing producing and services".

To achieve this mission, we commit ourselves

• To our individual institutional and international customers: to deliver high quality, safe, durable, reliable, comfortable, environment–friendly and economical products and services to their total satisfaction.

• To our employees: to foster corporate culture of mutual trust; respect for fundamental human rights at work; opportunities for professional growth and personal welfare so that they are proud of being a member of the “JMIL family”.

Quality Control Policy

• Quality makes friends and friends makes business
• Every JAWED METAL employee is responsible to satisfy of our customers by providing them the best value in every product and services
• Continuous enhancing our skill and know-how.
• Product behavior to be regularly monitored and systematically reviewed.

Items that we produce range from the simplest flat metal plate with a single hole to the complex larger assembly containing numerous components.
Items that we are producing are highly generation, integrated and assembly.

JMIL Karachi PAKISTAN prides itself not only for supplying the finished product to customer satisfaction but also for providing the complete service expected of today's globally connected service company. What we produce is more than just the metal part we ship. Rather than be satisfied with just the industry expected norm in acceptable quality, JMIL PAKISTAN strives to excel at every interface the customer has with our organization. Customer perception drives JMIL PAKISTAN to deliver the value and quality exceeding the expected.

Every member of the JMIL PAKISTAN team participates in the drive for excellence. Together as a team we constantly work to deliver more value to our customers. Through continuous learning and dedicated effort, we strive to excel in an atmosphere that provides stimulation, challenge, growth, friendship, stability, and success for all team members as well as for our customers

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