Components And Functions Of A Car Wiper I Bet You Didn’t Know A Lot of Them

Components And Functions Of A Car Wiper I Bet You Didn’t Know A Lot of Them

When the rain is pelting down, certainly there is no other option left except to activate your car wipers. With zero visibility, you can never drive a car, and indeed with partial visibility, you push yourself towards the dangers that can be life-threatening.

So, these car wipers are such a key component of your car.

The car wipers are prone to damages and won't work as fine as they should to clear the windshield from water, debris, oil, snow, etc. The decreasing performance certainly poses a threat as you and your passengers may undergo an accident due to unclear views.

As a car owner, you must consider safety as your priority, therefore replace or repair wipers with adequate time intervals.

And also, remember the rule, while driving, believe in your eyesight and not others. You can predict a positive action from the other drivers on the road, but it is not always true, and that's the main cause of accidents.

Components of Windshield Wipers:

  • Wiper Motor:

Car wiper motor plays an integral part in the movement of the wipers from one end to another. It operates using a magnet and a reduction gear. It could operate through a permanent magnet named ferrite or through a coil, producing an electromagnet.

The permanent wiper motors produce consistent performance and are lightweight. Thus, a ferrite wiper motor will be the best choice for a car wiper.

  • Wiper Link:

The Wiper link can also be referred to as a wiper lever, enabling the wipers to switch on and function. A wiper link acts as a connector. It connects blades with the wiper arm, letting a car driver control the movement of the wiper through a wiper lever.

If the wiper link breaks, then the blades will stop functioning. You can look for the new wiper link via the car parts manufacturer.

  • Wiper Arm:

The wiper arm is connected to the wiper shaft through its head. The springs don't let the blades lose off while the arm piece and the retainer are used to install and hold the blades, respectively.

  • Wiper Blade:

Wiper blades consist of rubber that ensures the safe movement of the wiper blades on the windscreen. The rubber side is secured with a coating to minimize the friction and ensure a swift change of angles of a wiper.

  • Spoiler:

The spoiler is attached with the windscreen wiper on the driver's side to ensure that wipers aren’t lifted due to air pressure while you drive at high speed.

  • Wiper relay:

It's also a part of the windshield wiper system. It operates the wiper motor by providing voltage input.

The wiper relay is found inside the control unit and is installed within the hood in the fuse book; however, this installation varies with different cars.

How Windscreen Wipers Work:

The wiper switch transmits the signal to the control unit when turning on the wiper. The control unit then operates the wiper relay.

The relay transmits the voltage power to the wiper motor.

The motor then produces torque in wiper arms through the wiper links. This is what causes the wiper to operate.

Furthermore, you can adjust the wiper switch for low and high speeds.

Problems with Car Wipers:

The very first step is to identify the problem type. It could be a problem related to the wiper motor, or the fault might have occurred in the wiper lever or links. Diagnose it yourself and then head towards the mechanic.

Most common issues possible:

  • Defects in Wiper Control Unit:

The switch through which the wiper operates might get disconnected from the wiper motor; thus, leading to a temporary halt of the power supply.

You can check other components of the cars that are operational with the same switch.

On confirmation of the issue, ask your mechanic to fix it or look for a replacement.

  • Fuse goes off:

When the fuse is blown off, the power is not generated. Therefore, the motor doesn’t work.

An authentic mechanic can easily determine this fault and correct it quickly.

  • The End of Wiper motor:

It may be time to replace your wiper motor. The electrical components are unpredictable and can go off at any time; so, try integrating a newer one for efficient output. 

  • Defects in Wiper blades:

The wear and tear of car wiper blades lead to an uneven pressure supply, leading to a blurry windscreen view. The only way out is to bring in a new one.


Qs: What type of rubber is used in wiper blades?

Ans: synthetic rubber is highly recommended for the wiper blades due to its typical properties. Being resistant to abrasion oil, grease certainly increases its lifespan. Besides this, it's cheaper than other options such as silicone. Additionally, it is low-temperature flexible, certainly making it favorable for these wiper blades.

Qs: What does SP mean in wiper blades?

SP means super-fit wiper blades. These blades are compatible with specific vehicles. These blades have a double-layer rubber coating that guarantees a crystal clear view while having a long lifeline.

Qs: How do I choose windshield wipers?

Measure the size of the wiper blades already integrated into your car. Then lookout for the best of the wipers available at present concerning the blades, power, and sizes.

The End!

In case of any replacements, search for the car wipers, whether online or by visiting physical auto parts manufacturers' shops. Whichever seems satisfactory, purchase and get it installed.

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