Hood Latch

Hood latch is installed in front of vehicles. It is an essential part of every vehicle, which helps to keep the engine covered & protected. It provides safety in case of front impact/accident.

The hood latch mechanism keeps the hood closed, shielding the engine and other components under the hood of the vehicle.

We have the appropriate hood latch for your car, made from high-quality materials for long-term durability with easy installation & instruction, simplified design, and modular construction results in low cost to the end-user.


1. Prevents hood/bonnet from opening under high speed

2. Pawl & ratchet made of high tensile SAPH440 for toughness & durability

3. SWP-A spring wire used to eliminate spring sag

4. Electroplated finish for corrosion protection under harsh weather conditions

5. Simple to install. It does not require any special tools for replacing

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