Macpherson Strut

Top-notch quality & reliable Macpherson strut is available at cost-effective prices at Jawed Metals for your vehicle.

The MacPherson Strut contains an assembly of coil springs with a shock absorber. This spring's job is to store the energy produced by a sudden jerk from the track. Therefore, it aids in limiting the unnecessary displacement of the car caused by road undulations.

This Macpherson strut also helps your car tire to maintain a better grip on the road, even in the most adverse conditions.

Specification Of Macpherson Strut

1. High-performance oil seal with a built-in check valve to reduce aeration under aggressive use

2. Imported damper oil with anti-friction additives that has a higher VI(viscosity index) for consistent performance irrespective of weather condition

3. Exceeds 2,000,000 bench durability cycles as per JASO C602: 2001

4. Gas-charged for improved responsiveness

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