Wiper Arm and Blade / Link Assy Wiper

We are providing top-notch quality wiper arm & blade with wiper linkage. The function of wiper blades is to sweep the water away from the windscreen and window. It cleans the windows and ensures visibility for safe driving.

The car wiper arms protect the frames and blades while ensuring that the movement is regulated. We offer cutting-edge windshield wipers with high-quality wiper blades to ensure optimum visibility regardless of the weather. Our products are durable and provide a smooth & silent wiping function with easy installation.


1. Conventional vertebrae type design that adjusts to curvature of the windscreen

2. Imported rubber blade that has outstanding wiping performance and weather resistance

3. Powder-coated for improved aesthetics and weather resistance

4. Exceeds 500,000 bench test cycles as per JIS D5710:1998

5. Wiper links utilize stamped steel connecting rods for low weight and cost, OE design for easy assembly

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